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Lutzhaus SirkoBrass Winsome C.D.

Date of Birth: 07/16/04

Breeders: Frank & Kris Fasano

Sire: Ch. O'Danny Boy of Heinerburg

Dame: Ch. Winsome's Bearitney Spears


National, International, & World Champion German Shepherd Dogs

-Owner Handled on 5 Continents  

                                 Championships: United States, Portugal, South Africa, Venezuela, World,
                                                                   Americas, Peru, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, 
                                                                   Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Russia, F.C.I. International, Monaco, 
                                                                   Morocco, Argentina, Latin American, Bahamas, Bolivia, Panama, Honduras,
                                                                   Central American, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala, and 
                                                                   Costa Rica plus 44 Union Cynologique International (UCI) Championships.



 Conformation Show Dogs:

  4X V-1 WORLD  
SchH-I, OFA#GS-32894G24F-T, EL1795(Normal)

  World's One and Only
The International Ikon


World Record-Setting Winner of 2 World Cups in Gold (Conformation and Veterans) and 2 Super World Cups in Platinum (Conformation and Veterans).

  1994  F.C.I. International, 4X V-1 World, 67 Champion Jucki, SchH-I, OFA#GS-32894T, H&E is truly a legend in her own time!!!  Champion Jucki has won under judges from the S.V., Federation Cynologique International (FCI), Union Cynologique International (UCI), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and American Kennel Club (AKC), from 29 countries and 5 continents at both specialties and all breed shows.  Champion Jucki was imported from Germany in 1993.  Her last Championship was the Canadian title in 2000; with 3 majors - 5, 4, and 3 points; winning the Herding Group in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Her latest wins were Best Veteran German Shepherd in the World Dog Show held in Porto, Portugal in June of  2001 at 10   years and super Veteran World Cup in Platinum in November, 2001 at 11 years of age.


Ch. Jucki holds the following 22 F.C.I. confirmed Championships:

1998 ~ Mexico

1997 ~ Cuba,  Monaco,  Peru, Vice-World

1996 ~ Guatemala

1995 ~ Morocco, Brazil,

1994 ~ Bahamas, Panama, Russia, Latin America, Bolivia, F.C.I. International, El Salvador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Central America

1993 ~ Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Vice-World

  She also holds the Championship of Canada (2000); and 44 Championships (1999, 2000, and 2001) from the Union Cynologique International (UCI) based in Germany, exhausting the pipeline at the level of  World Cups in Gold and Super World Cups in Platinum.

10 Champion Clayfield's Mon Ami, CACIB

  The 1970's belonged to 10 Champion Clayfield's Mon Ami, OFA#GS-5117 H&E.

10 Ch. Mon Ami decisively cut a World Record destined for the Guinness Book of World Records.  Mon Ami was inducted into the Guinness Book in 1986 after winning "10 Championships and Multiple Best in Shows on 4 Continents" to be the Greatest Winning International Dog in the World.  Her Championships occurred in this time sequence:

1974 ~ Mexican

1975 ~ American  and Canadian

1976 ~ Bermudian, Colombian, and Venezuelan

1977 ~ South African and Dominican Republic

1979 ~ Portugese

1984 ~ FCI International


  10 Champion Mon Ami was the:

            *1st American dog ever to win the Portugese and South African                    Championships.

            *1st dog to become the World's only Quadruple Champion,                     C.A.C.I.B. by the age of 36 months.

            *1st American owned dog ever to win Best in Show in Spain and                    Winner's Bitch at the coveted annual Madrid, Spain show.


The newspaper account of 10 Ch. Mon Ami in South Africa called her "America's  secret weapon".  Her efforts and deeds are permanently recorded in 25 languages of the top selling copyright book in publishing history, the Guinness Book of World Records, (currently 220 editions with global sales to more than 51 million).  At all International shows, with the exception of one, 10 Ch. Mon Ami was owner handled by Neal Leas.  She flew in excess of 100,000 air miles to meet International competition.

4 Continent 10 Champion Mon Ami is a full page feature in the superb 1990  book

 The Total German Shepherd Dog  (page 90)  by Mr. Fred L. Lanting, international judge, breeder, author and lecturer.  Ch. Mon Ami, also, appears in the color photo on the outside back cover with the premier judge of Holland, Mr. T. Van Dijk, as she was going Best In Show over 1,000 dogs in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  On Nov. 17, 1988 a "Special Achievement Award" was presented by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America at the national specialty in Houston, Texas to 10 Ch. Mon Ami and Neal D. Leas, as her handler, for their unprecedented 4 Continent Championships.



V-1 World  21 Champion Luna Zum Ida-See, SchH-I

Luna, the newest star, imported from Germany in 1999, has already made her mark.  V-1 World, 21 Champion Luna finished her F.C.I. International and Mexican Championships in Jan. 2001 by winning 4 consecutive C.A.C.I.B.'s.  Luna holds 19 U.C.I. Championships as well as winning the World Cup in Gold and the Super World Cup in Platinum.  Her World V-1 rating was accomplished at the World Dog Show in Porto, Portugal in June, 2001 under SV judge M. Martin, while shown by Holly Anne Leas.


F.C.I. International V-1 2X World Champion, 10 Ch. Fanta v Haus Schmittman, SchH-II

In 1984 Neal again traveled to Germany and acquired a new female that would become F.C.I. International V-1 2X World Champion, 10 Champion Fanta von Haus Schmittman, SchH-II, FH, OFA#GS-14423-T, H&E. Ch. Fanta's 10 championships included the following:

F.C.I. International
2X World Champion
Peruvian and Bi-Peruvian
3X Landesgruppen Siegerin
Championship of the Americas
International Working Championship

Ch. Fanta also became a wonderful asset into the gene pool of Lutzhaus progeny. 10 Ch. Fanta was a cover dog of the Shutzhund USA magazine in 1987, shown winning the World Championship in Mexico City in 1984 under the excellent and distinguished Portuguese judge, Carla Molinari.


Brazilian-Brasilia - F.C.I. Champion Winde vom alten Schlossturm, SchH-I, T.D.

The 1980's were dominated by our new German imports. Neal chose Winde in 1980 and she became a Brazilian, Brasilia and F.C.I. International Champion. Neal and Sharon trained Winde for TD and TDX tracking, and she achieved her American T.D. degree. Thus, Triple Champion Winde vom alten Schlossturm, SchH-I, T.D., OFA#GS-10076-T, H&E Excellent became the foundation, in combination with the American bloodlines, to produce many generations of Lutzhaus puppies including our incomparable international conformation and obedience titled - 7 Champion Lutzhaus Gretchen, U.D.


2X Vice Obedience U.S. Grand Victrix,  2X  "Elite"
7 Champion Lutzhaus Gretchen, U.D. - F.C.I. International  
Chilean & Mexican CD, Guatemalan CDX,
Central and South American Obedience Champion,
OFA#GS-24408 H & E normal


The late 1980's and early 1990's were dominated by the newest stars - namely Lutzhaus Gretchen, and our young teenage daughter, Holly Anne Leas. Gretchen was born on Aug. 20,1987 and was sired by the great 3X V-A Valk vom Michelstadter Rathaus x Genie, a Triple Ch. Winde daughter.  Gretchen is still the impressive obedience ikon at 14 yrs of age, albeit as Sharon's housedog. Gretchen was handled exclusively in both conformation and all levels of obedience competition by Holly; with Neal, the expert trainer, training Holly.  Holly and Gretchen were absolutely "the dream team" and together they accomplished the following achievements:


*American CD degree ~ Sept. 8, 9, & 10, 1989.  Consecutive shows      with scores of  195, 195.5, and 196; thus earning the special              coveted  "Dog World Obedience Achievement Award", with Holly only 13 yrs. of age and Gretchen only 2 yrs.

*Multiple High in Trial on 2 continents ~  within 36 days; 14,000 miles apart withscores of 196.5 - 199 points plus the South American Obedience Championship and the C.A.C.S.A.B. point; also the Chilean C.D. degree.

*American CDX degree ~ Sept. 7, 9, & 10, 1990.  Title won in consecutive shows.

*American UD degree ~  Sept. 21, 22, & 29, 1991.  Title won in consecutive shows.

*1989, 1990, & 1991 ~  Junior Achievement Award Winner  of German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

*Multiple High in Trial in Central America ~  in 1991, acquiring the Central American Obedience Championship, winning the Groups, 2 additional conformation Championships and the C.A.C.C.A.B. point.

*10 international records and 2 world records ~  by age 15 for Holly and age 4 for Gretchen - having won conformation and obedience titles under F.C.I.  International judges from 7 countries and 3 continents.

*Holly ~  the world's youngest titled UD handler at age 15.

  *Conformation Championships include F.C.I. International, Costa Rican, 4X Grand, Chilean, and Americas.  The  2 Obedience Championships were Central and South America; and 2X Vice Obedience U.S. Grand Victrix. 


Canadian-Mexican-Bermuda Ch. Lutzhaus Chips, C.A.C.I.B.

  In 1964 the wonderful Tonka was bred to 2X Select, Canadian Grand Victor, American and Canadian Champion Ulk Wikingerblut, SchH III, ROM, CACIB owned by Ralph and Mary Roberts of Covina Knolls Kennels. This breeding produced Lutzhaus Kork,C.D. (7 Amer. Pts) and his brother Canadian-Mexican-Bermuda Ch. Lutzhaus Chips, C.A.C.I.B. (13 Amer. Pts/1 major)


American-Canadian-Mexican Ch. Tonka vom Richterbach, CD,CACIB

Triple Champion Tonka, C.D., C.A.C.I.B. was Neal's pride and joy.  Neal owned both Tonka's sire, Koin-11pts(2 majors), and dam,Rega-3pts. Neal whelped and selected Tonka; raised, trained, and conditioned her; and was her exclusive handler to all 5 titles, multiple Group winner, 3 Championships, C.D. and C.A.C.I.B., winning at both specialties and all breed shows.  Her wins were in 1963-C.D.,  1964-American Champion, 1965-Canadian Champion, 1966-Mexican Champion and C.A.C.I.B.

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