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F.C.I. International Champions:

Another source of great pride and joy is the unprecedented list of 6 F.C.I. International Champions:

1983  F.C.I. International 3 Champion Winde, SchH I
         T.D., OFA#GS-10076T, H&E
1984  F.C.I. International 10 Champion Mon Ami, Guinness
         Book, OFA#GS-5117,H&E
1986  F.C.I. International V-1 2X World Champion, 10 
         Champion Fanta, SchH II, FH, OFA#GS-14423T, H&E
1993  F.C.I .International 7 Champion Gretchen, U.D.,
         OFA#GS-24408 H&E
1994  F.C.I. International V-1 World 67 Champion Jucki, SchH 
         I, OFA#GS-32894T, H&E
2001  F.C.I. International V-1 World 21 Champion Luna, SchH 
         I, OFA#GS-56421T, H&E


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