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V-1 World  21 Champion Luna Zum Ida-See, SchH-I

  Luna, the newest star, imported from Germany in 1999, has already made her mark.  V-1 World, 21 Champion Luna finished her F.C.I. International and Mexican Championships in Jan. 2001 by winning 4 consecutive C.A.C.I.B.'s.  Luna holds 19 U.C.I. Championships as well as winning the World Cup in Gold and the Super World Cup in Platinum.  Her World V-1 rating was accomplished at the World Dog Show in Porto, Portugal in June, 2001 under SV judge M. Martin, while shown by Holly Anne Leas.

 In 2002, the World Dog Show was held in Amsterdam, Holland,  Luna competed in the F.C.I. International Champion Class and won her 3rd World Show V-Excellent rating under Dutch judge Hr. P.M. Van Oirschol.  The world show in Amsterdam was designated as a qualification show by and for Crufts, (the World's largest dog show), in Birmingham, England, March 2003.  Ch. Luna exceeds the criteria for admission set down by Crufts, and she has gladly accepted their gracious invitation.

  The above photo was taken in the Governor's office, Iowa State Capital, February 21, 2003.  This special gold medallion was struck in Birmingham, England by "Crufts" for this particular occasion to commemorate F.C.I., 21 Champion Luna, SchH- I as the 1st American Dog invited to attend the "World's Largest Dog Show", show venue covers 6 acres.  The great Iowa Governor, the honorable Tom Vilsack presents, in photo, the "Crufts" medallion to Ch. Luna and her 5 continent handler, Holly Anne Leas. 

In addition, the television channel animal Planet aired 4 three hour broadcasts on May 10, 11, and 17 in 2003 of the "Crufts", 22,000+ dog show entry featuring Ch. Luna & handler Holly Anne Leas in an interview during the show.  Both superstars Holly and Luna completed the Birmingham trip (in excess of 8,000 air miles) in prestine condition, a tribute to the great champions they are as they continue to challenge competition worldwide.

Crufts has already extended their written 2004 invitation to this impeccable pair for their return to England again next year in 2004.

                   "Luna's Superstar's"

  August of 2001 - 21 Champion Luna was bred to Maturity Victor,  American Select Champion - Canadian Champion Wimsome's Woody Bearelson, PT.  October 6, 2001 a beautiful litter of seven were born.  Of these puppies one had her C.D. by 10 1/2 months, one had his C.D. by 11 months, one had her C.D. by 13 1/2 months of age, one will have his C.D. degree in 2003, and one is training for Search and Rescue work.  21 Ch. Luna will be bred again in the fall of 2003 to a Select American Champion.

Visions Vienne of Lutzhaus Kennels, C.D. owned and trained by Sharon K. Leas achieved her C.D. title at 10 1/2 months of age in her first 3 consecutive shows.  Vienne was the youngest dog in all obedience classes all three days, and earned a 1st place in Novice A and a Highest Scoring German Shepherd in Trial.  She is the first dog Sharon has ever trained and competed.  Vienne placed in the ribbons 10 out of 13 shows and finished the year at the GSDCA National Specialty in St. Louis, Mo. with a second in Novice B - going second to the High in Trial Winner. 

  Lutzhaus Personality Prince, C.D. owned and trained by Richard and Patricia Sallman earned his C.D. degree by 11 months of age in three consecutive shows.  Prince has gone on scoring 194 & 195 on a frequent basis, has won numerous runoffs, and placed in the ribbons many times.  He gave his usual high five energetic passing performance at he GSDCA National Specialty in St. Louis, Mo.


Lutzhaus Chamonix Mon Coeur, C.D. is owned by Neal Leas and was trained and shown by Anna Vargus.  After only 10 weeks of training Chamonix with a score of 194+ won the runoff for 4th place in Novice B at the GSDCA National Specialty in St. Louis, Mo.  She finished her C.D. title in the next two shows with scores of 193 and 191 all by 13 1/2 months. 

Pictured are the "The Three Musketeers" at the GSDCA National Specialty in St. Louis, Mo.  Left to Right are: Prince, C.D. and Richard:  Vienne, C.D. and Sharon:  Chamonix, C.D. and Anna.

  Lutzhaus Remy Nikko, owned by Neal Leas and trained by Anna Vargus and Sharon Leas will compete for his C.D. title in 2003. 

  Winsome's Blaze v Yunghaus, owned by Helen Young is being trained for Iowa Search Rescue work.


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