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 F.C.I.  International V-1 2X World Champion, 10 Ch. Fanta v Haus Schmittman, SchH-II

In 1984 Neal again traveled to Germany and acquired a new female that would become F.C.I. International V-1 2X World Champion, 10 Champion Fanta von Haus Schmittman, SchH-II, FH, OFA#GS-14423-T, H & E.  Ch. Fanta's 10 championships included the following:   
               *F.C.I. International, 2X World Champion
               *Peruvian and Bi-Peruvian Champion
               * 3X Landesgruppen Siegerin
               *Championship of the Americas
               * International Working Championship.

Ch. Fanta also became a wonderful asset into the gene pool of Lutzhaus progeny.  10 Ch. Fanta was a cover dog of the Schutzund USA magazine in 1987, shown winning the World Championship in Mexico City in 1984 under the excellent and distinguished Portugese judge, Carla Molinari.

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