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7 Champion Lutzhaus Gretchen, U.D. - F.C.I. International Champion
Chilean & Mexican C.D., Guatemalan C.D.X,
Central and South American Obedience Champion
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The late 1980's and early 1990's were dominated by the newest stars - namely Lutzhaus Gretchen, and our young teenage daughter, Holly Anne Leas. Gretchen was born on Aug. 20,1987 and was sired by the great 3X V-A Valk vom Michelstadter Rathaus x Genie, a Triple Ch. Winde daughter. 

Gretchen is still the impressive obedience ikon at 14 yrs of age, albeit as Sharon's housedog. Gretchen was handled exclusively in both conformation and all levels of obedience competition by Holly.    Holly and Gretchen were absolutely "the dream team" and together they accomplished the following achievements:

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American CD degree ~ Sept. 8, 9, & 10, 1989.  Consecutive shows 
       with scores of  195, 195.5, and 196; thus earning the special 
       coveted  "Dog World Obedience Achievement Award", with Holly 
       only 13 yrs. of age and Gretchen only 2 yrs.

*Multiple High in Trial on 2 continents ~  within 36 days; 14,000 miles 
       apart with scores of 196.5 - 199 points plus the South American 
       Obedience Championship and the C.A.C.S.A.B. point; also the 
       Chilean C.D. degree.

*American CDX degree ~ Sept. 7, 9, & 10, 1990.  Title won in 
       consecutive shows.

*American UD degree ~  Sept. 21, 22, & 29, 1991.  Title won             in  consecutive shows.

  *1989, 1990, & 1991 ~  Junior Achievement Award Winner  of German
        Shepherd Dog Club of America.

  *Multiple High in Trial in Central America ~  in 1991, acquiring the Central American Obedience Championship, winning the Groups, 2 additional conformation Championships and the C.A.C.C.A.B. point.

*10 international records and 2 world records ~  by age 15 for Holly and age 4 for Gretchen - having won conformation and obedience titles under F.C.I.  International judges from 7 countries and 3 continents. 

*Holly ~  the world's youngest titled UD handler at age 15.

*Conformation Championships include F.C.I. International, Costa Rican, 4X Grand, Chilean, and Americas.  The  2 Obedience Championships were Central and South America; and 2X Vice Obedience U.S. Grand Victrix.

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