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 Brazilian-Brasilia-F.C.I. Champion Winde vom alten Schlossturm,   SchH-I, T.D.

  The 1980's were dominated by our new German imports.  Neal chose Winde in 1980 and she became a Brazilian, Brasilia, and F.C.I. International Champion.  Neal and Sharon trained Winde for TD and TDX tracking, and she achieved her American T.D. degree.  Thus, Triple Champion Winde vom alten Schlossturm, SchH-I, T.D., OFA#GS-10076-T, H&E Excellent became the foundation, in combination with the American bloodlines, to produce many  generations of Lutzhaus puppies including our incomparable international conformation and obedience titled 7 Champion Lutzhaus Gretchen, U.D.

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